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Bunches Direct is your #1 shop for bulk bird of paradise flowers! There isn't a flower quite like the bird of paradise in the world. The unique crane-shaped bloom with long pointed petals reaching out of the base of the bloom, and distinct aroma can't be found in any other flower. The bird of paradise is native to southern Africa. 

These flowers symbolize freedom and paradise, and make a unique focal point or addition to any floral arrangement. Our bulk bird of paradise flowers are shipped directly from the grower, and with delivery on demand services, we guarantee that you'll receive the freshest flowers precisely when you need them when you shop with Bunches Direct!


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Birds of Paradise


Birds of Paradise


Birds of Paradise is an outstanding tropical flower. Because they resemble a birds head, they make any flower decoration look astonishing with this flowers exotic presence. The bloom looks spectacular with spiked orange and purple petals. The petals appear as if sprouting from the beak of a bird. Birds of Paradise flower can be used as a stand alone decoration...