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Babys Breath



Add a little shine and shimmer to your flower arrangements with this extravagant bundle of Baby's Breath flowers. This flower has long-lasting vase life and is available in a vibrant white which you can mix and match with any flower arrangement, giving it a fuller look. Incorporate our fresh-cut Baby's Breath balls in your order today.

The name reflects how small and delicate the petals are. Baby's breath is grown in soil with high levels of gypsum, resulting in the soil being denser than typical soil. Starting at $3.59 per stem, babys breath is the perfect addition to ay bridal bouquet or centerpiece.

7-10 stems per bunch. 

NOTE: To allow for necessary time to cut & ship your flowers from the farms, orders MUST be placed a minimum 8 days in advance. If you need items sooner, please call us directly for further assistance.
Babys Breath | low fragility | white | year-round |