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Classic Cream Rose Wedding Bouquet
Classic Cream Rose Wedding Bouquet


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Bulk Red Roses


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Rhonda's Special Day

Rhonda's Special Day

Rhonda's wedding - the happy couple

Rhonda's wedding

Rhonda's wedding - centerpieces

Rhonda's wedding - the bridal bouquet

Rhonda's wedding - flower delivery
Rhonda's Wedding

Flower Type: Roses
Colour: Vendella

Date: July 23rd, 2011
Details: Rhonda chose a classy wedding style with vendella (cream) coloured roses.

Why did you chose BunchesDirect?

"I was thrilled at the choice, ease of use and friendliness of ordering my wedding flowers through BunchesDirect. The site was intuitive and easy to use.

The flowers look spectacular. I am excited to see the final version, but I am very confident that they will be perfect. There were so many choices, it was almost difficult to decide, but the pricing was so good that I could buy exactly what I wanted and not feel guilty.

When I called customer service, I was put through to the person who could answer my questions very quickly. I felt important, and felt that my order was important as well. With the number of orders that must be received daily, this was a big deal to me.

I feel good about my decision to use BunchesDirect. I know that when I have ordered previously they have always been well received. I have no doubt my wedding flowers will be nothing short of perfect either. "
- Rhonda

After the wedding

"What can I say but THANK YOU for giving me the most beautiful wedding flowers ever!

The bouquets were fabulous, extremely “classy” (which was the look we were going for!) and lasted a long time after the wedding. The quality of the roses was supreme, with no blemishes or drooping. With all the white roses we ordered, I was concerned with consistency in colour and size. I needed to have no concerns as each rose was perfect in colour, in size and in quality. The ribbons wrapped were perfect, and I needed to do nothing before I carried them down the aisle.

Delivery was exactly on schedule, easy to transport and very professional.

I received several compliments on the flowers and the class they added to our event.

Thank you BunchesDirect. I will not hesitate to recommend you and your flowers. You made our day perfect. "
- Rhonda

Rhonda's wedding - flowers arrived arranged Rhonda's wedding package Rhonda's wedding centerpieces