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Classic Purple Rose Boutonniere
Classic Purple Rose Boutonniere


Hint of Lavender Bridal Bouquet
Hint of Lavender Bridal Bouquet


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Jennifer's Wedding

Jennifer's Special Day

Rhonda's wedding - the happy couple

Rhonda's wedding

Rhonda's wedding - centerpieces

Rhonda's wedding - the bridal bouquet

Jennifer's Wedding

Flower Type: Hydrangea
Colour: Blue

Date: Easter Weekend 2011

Details: Jennifer referred to her style as “plain and simple yet beautiful”

Why did you chose BunchesDirect?

“I knew, for Spring I needed Hydrangeas...and I wanted simple everything (to reflect my theme) after many calls to local florists the average price for blue Hydrangeas was $12.00 per stem...outrageous!”

“I got blue Hydrangeas for $3.49 a stem at BunchesDirect. I was also able to order wrist corsages and boutonnieres for my wedding party.”


“I had a wonderful experience with my Customer Service Representative. I was able to call and check in with him at any time and he was able to answer every question I had.”


“I was able to track my order easily, which was very convenient as I was traveling to the venue on the day the flowers were coming.”

After the wedding

“I had the flowers arrive on Thursday for a Saturday ceremony and they kept beautifully. I also made the arrangements and transferred them to the venue and had no problems.”


“I would highly recommend BunchesDirect for any wedding, plain and simple or grand! The flowers are such a great quality and the customer service is excellent, I had such a wonderful, wonderful experience.”

- Jennifer