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Amanda's Wedding

Amanda's Special Day

Amanda's wedding - the wedding party

Amanda's wedding - the bridesmaids

Amanda's wedding - flowers delivered

Amanda's wedding - bridesmaids and groomsmen
Amanda's wedding - bridesmaids and groomsmen
Amanda's Wedding

Flower Type: Roses
Colour: White, Lavender, Pink and Cream

Date: August 25th, 2010

Details: Amanda chose a mix and match package of roses with different colours including white, lavender, pink and cream.

How did you chose a wedding florist ?

"The hardest thing about picking my wedding flowers was finding the right Florist to go with. I wanted to find an establishment that was reliable, had lots of selection and that I was comfortable with. Finally, a friend of mine recommended that I call BunchesDirect and I’m so glad I did.

I was amazed at the quality of service and was so grateful for their help and support when picking my wedding flowers.

I was truly impressed with their selection on their website and I just loved that I was able to mix and match my own personal wedding package so that it fit my own style and needs. On top of that, BunchesDirect.com gave me the option to customize my color selections and a very kind customer service staff even offered me his professional assistance and helped me select the colors of my flowers when I just couldn’t chose myself.

It was simple and easy and stress-free. Thank you BunchesDirect"
- Amanda

After the wedding

"The wedding was a huge success. The flowers were beautiful. Thanks so much!

BunchesDirect has made my wedding complete! The most beautiful roses I have ever seen were delivered by the kindest gentleman the day before my wedding.

They arrived just when they said they would which means a lot when you're trying to plan a wedding.

The flowers were perfect! Better than I ever imagined. The colours were beautifully displayed and each bouquet was nicely prepared with cute little ribbon around the stems. My entire wedding was decorated with BunchesDirect flowers! And the best part is that they were just as beautiful at the end of the night as they were at the begining.

I couldn't have been more satisfied!"
- Amanda

Amanda's wedding - the happy couple Amanda's wedding - groomsmen and boutonnieres
Amanda's wedding - bridal bouquet Amanda's wedding - the wedding party
Amanda's wedding - the wedding party