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Melissa's and Jack's Wedding

May, 2019

Melissa's and Jack's Special Day

Here are the pictures that our company, BunchesDirect has got from the happy just married couple Melissa and Jack whose wedding took place in Toronto (Ontario) in May, 2019. Their parents and friends are so happy for them and everyone hopes that long and happy life lies ahead. For every person wedding is perhaps one of the most (if not the most) important events of life that should pass brilliantly. So did the wedding ceremony of Melissa and Jack. Look at these happy faces and smiles! They express the real joy and happiness, isn't it? This young couple has ordered with us the customized bouquet consisting of lisianthus, veronica, wax, queen Anne's lace accented with thistle which looks fantastic and has for sure delighted their dear relatives and friends. Creation of customized arrangements is one of our advantages as buying them you know exactly what you get. Let the following days of their married life be as much as possible similar to this perfect day! Faithfully yours, BunchesDirect.


Mike's and Jennifer's Wedding


Mike's and Jennifer's Special Day

And another happy wedding (and how else can it be) celebrated by Mike and Jennifer in Delta, British Columbia in the year 2018. This couple has ordered from us the arrangement including budding Stargazer Lilies, White Lisianthuses complemented by eucalyptus and several stems of salal lemon leaves. One can not help but admire these so uncommon and nice flowers complementing bride's wedding dress so nicely. These blooms can also be used to prepare bridesmaid and best man's bouquets as well as the centerpieces. The heroes of the occasion have decided to pass their brilliant event on a solitary spot inviting only the closest relatives and friends to share their joy and to escort them into the family life. We think that such celebration is a really good idea and the memory of this holiday will last. From the bottom of our hearts we wish Mike and Jennifer every happiness and long and happy domestic life. Spend your getaway wedding with bouquets from your florist friend, BunchesDirect.


Jennifer's Wedding

November, 2011

Jennifer's Special Day

Why did you chose BunchesDirect?

“I knew, for Spring I needed Hydrangeas...and I wanted simple everything (to reflect my theme) after many calls to local florists the average price for blue Hydrangeas was $12.00 per stem...outrageous!”

“I got blue Hydrangeas for $3.49 a stem at BunchesDirect. I was also able to order wrist corsages and boutonnieres for my wedding party.”


“I had a wonderful experience with my Customer Service Representative. I was able to call and check in with him at any time and he was able to answer every question I had.”


“I was able to track my order easily, which was very convenient as I was traveling to the venue on the day the flowers were coming.”

After the wedding 

“I had the flowers arrive on Thursday for a Saturday ceremony and they kept beautifully. I also made the arrangements and transferred them to the venue and had no problems.”


“I would highly recommend BunchesDirect for any wedding, plain and simple or grand! The flowers are such a great quality and the customer service is excellent, I had such a wonderful, wonderful experience.”

- Jennifer


Rhonda's Special Day

July, 2011

Rhonda's Special Day

Rhonda's Wedding

Flower Type: Roses
Colour: Vendella

Date: July 23rd, 2011
Details: Rhonda chose a classy wedding style with vendella (cream) coloured roses. 

Why did you chose BunchesDirect?

"I was thrilled at the choice, ease of use and friendliness of ordering my wedding flowers through BunchesDirect. The site was intuitive and easy to use

The  flowers look spectacular. I am excited to see the final version, but I am very confident that they will be perfect. There were so many choices, it was almost difficult to decide, but the pricing was so good that I could buy exactly what I wanted and not feel guilty. 

When I called customer service, I was put through to the person who could answer my questions very quickly. I felt important, and felt that my order was important as well. With the number of orders that must be received daily, this was a big deal to me. 

I feel good about my decision to use BunchesDirect. I know that when I have ordered previously they have always been well received. I have no doubt my wedding flowers will be nothing short of perfect either. "
- Rhonda 

After the wedding 

"What can I say but THANK YOU for giving me the most beautiful wedding flowers ever! 

The  bouquets were fabulous, extremely “classy” (which was the look we were going for!) and lasted a long time after the wedding. The quality of the roses was supreme, with no blemishes or drooping. With all the white roses we ordered, I was concerned with consistency in colour and size. I needed to have no concerns as each rose was perfect in colour, in size and in quality. The ribbons wrapped were perfect, and I needed to do nothing before I carried them down the aisle. 

Delivery was exactly on schedule, easy to transport and very professional. 

received several compliments on the flowers and the class they added to our event. 

Thank you BunchesDirect. I will not hesitate to recommend you and your flowers. You made our day perfect. "
- Rhonda 


Amanda's Wedding

August, 2010

Amanda's Special Day

Amanda's Wedding

Flower Type: Roses
Colour: White, Lavender, Pink and Cream

Date: August 25th, 2010

Details: Amanda chose a mix and match package of roses with different colours including white, lavender, pink and cream.

How did you chose a wedding florist ?

"The hardest thing about picking my wedding flowers was finding the right Florist to go with. I wanted to find an establishment that was reliable, had lots of selection and that I was comfortable with. Finally, a friend of mine recommended that I call BunchesDirect and I’m so glad I did. 

I was amazed at the quality of service and was so grateful for their help and support when picking my wedding flowers. 

I was truly impressed with their selection on their website and I just loved that I was able to mix and match my own personal wedding package so that it fit my own style and needs. On top of that, gave me the option to customize my color selections and a very kind customer service staff even offered me his professional assistance and helped me select the colors of my flowers when I just couldn’t chose myself. 

It was simple and easy and stress-free. Thank you BunchesDirect"
- Amanda

After the wedding 

"The  wedding was a huge success. The flowers were beautiful. Thanks so much!

BunchesDirect has made my wedding complete! Themost beautiful roses I have ever seen were delivered by the kindest gentleman the day before my wedding.

They  arrived just when they said they would which means a lot when you're trying to plan a wedding. 

The  flowers were perfect! Better than I ever imagined. The colours were beautifully displayed and each bouquet was nicely prepared with cute little ribbon around the stems. My entire wedding was decorated with BunchesDirect flowers! And the best part is that they were just as beautiful at the end of the night as they were at the begining. 

I couldn't have been more satisfied!"
- Amanda


Amanda and Paul's Wedding

August, 2007

Amanda's Wedding

Flower Type: Roses
Colour: Pink, White and Yellow

Date: August 10th, 2007 

Details: Amanda chose our most popular flowers, Roses! She made her own custom package using pink, white and yellow roses.

Why did you chose BunchesDirect for your wedding flowers?

"I would like to take this time to thank BunchesDirect Flowers for making me able to have real flowers on my wedding day!

The  customer service that they have provided has been very friendly and helpful. Whenever I had a question about the product they were very quick to get in contact with me and help me out.

The  selection of flowers that they have to choose from is very good! I had questions about certain colors and I was provided different email links to the certain different colors they had. 

I found that the website was very easy to use and self explanatory. The graphics were very clear and I had no problems at all choosing my selection. 

The  prices and quality of their product is definitely one of the best that I have found when searching for my wedding flowers.

I would highly recommend using them for your big day and will recommend them to any friends or family getting married in the Chicago  area! "
- Amanda 

After the wedding 

"I would like to take the time to thank your company for the wonderful flowers you provided me and my husband with on our wedding day! 

Over the last few weeks with dealing with your company and your customer service reps we have received great customer service. All of our questions were answered in a very timely matter. 

The flowers were to be delivered on Friday between the hours of 2 and 5 and showed up right at 5.

Upon opening the flowers I was very impressed with the quality and the colours! I have to admit I was a little nervous about picking the colours online but the colours were identical to what I received. The condition of the flowers upon arrival was good, some of the roses had a little brown on the tips but that is expected when driving 1 hour to deliver in the extreme heat. Once we put the flowers in water and in the fridge they were back to normal. 

The  design of the flowers was perfect I could not have asked for a better fit to my wedding! The six bouquets were great, the only thing I was a little disappointed with was that 2 of the 5 bridesmaid flowers were quite a bit smaller then the other 3, however it was not a big deal. It looked just as if those flowers had not opened up yet. 

I would definitely recommend your company to anyone who needs flowers in the future. The prices were great and the quality was very good

Keep up the great work, and thank so much for everything! "
- Amanda and Paul 
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