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PRESS ROOM: BunchesDirect Gives Back Helping Operation Shower


As you may know our company, BunchesDirect is one of the largest Canadian florists and we always strive to satisfy our valuable customers. Working in this market for many years we perfectly know our customers’ needs offering them fresh and nice looking flowers. The bouquets and blooms we suggest are good for any occasion, be it wedding, anniversary or a big event. In 2017 we have supplied our flowers to annual RIS Convention which took place on December 23 , what was quite an amazing experience for both parties. The furnished bouquets has decorated the hall so nicely, cheering up and filling the air with unbelievable odors and colors. We hope that the organizers of RIS Convention were quite happy with our blooms and that they will come to us again. Our company delivers the bouquets or bulk flowers to any person or event regardless of the confession and color of the skin as we believe they are the universal language of communication around the globe. Flowers bring joy and positive emotions in our life therefore ordering with us is your success. So don’t postpone your order and do it online or by phone with our company. No matter what is the occasion our company is always at your service. Your florist friend, BunchesDirect.



Our company, BunchesDirect supplies the bulk flowers and bouquets both for the individuals and for the big events. On December 21, 2018 RIS Convention took place in Metro Toronto Convention Center in which have taken part and we hope this was a successful and memorable cooperation for both parties. BunchesDirect is glad to offer the flowers regardless of the confession therefore we had this deal with RIS and hopefully the delegates enjoyed the interior. The flowers lift the spirits and create the positive atmosphere no matter what the occasion is. So they are a universal and so nice adornment of your event or celebration. We have a wide range of flowers to offer from traditional roses, carnations, tulips and chrysanthemums to such uncommon blooms as orchids. We always put our hearts into the bouquets we prepare and will do our best not to disappoint you. Once the order is made it is referred to the corresponding florist who will take care of it preparing the selected flowers bouquets for timely delivery right on the requested day. So don’t lose your time and place your order for the preferred flowers with us without hesitation. Looking forward to your phone calls or online inquiries, BunchesDirect


Friday, 30 September 2011 00:00

PRESS ROOM: Sept 2011


BunchesDirect gives back to the community providing flowers for Operation Shower


People and companies alike are becoming more socially conscious and are looking for ways to give back to the community. With so many great causes out there, companies must choose which initiatives to align themselves with; for BunchesDirect, Operation Shower was an excellent fit.


Operation Shower began in March 2007, when LeAnn Morrissey, looking for a way to give back to her uncle who was deployed overseas, was asked to send a card to four women who were expecting babies while their spouses were deployed.   LeAnn decided to try to do much more for these families.  She set out with family and friends to send a “shower in a box” to the four military families who were expecting babies while the husband was deployed. The overwhelming support she received putting these boxes together and the messages of thanks she received from these moms left her with little doubt that this was something worth doing — over and over again!   She joined with Kris Jackson, to hold the first unit-wide shower at Ft. Bragg, NC in June 2007.   From that point forward, they made it official and Operation Shower was born! As of October 2010, the Operation Shower team has, through the generous donations of individuals and corporations and through volunteer-power, showered over 400 women.  The showers provide wonderful items for the new babies and moms, and help bring the women together to celebrate with others in the same situation.


How did BunchesDirect get involved? They were in contact with Operation Shower’s chief event planner, Amy Belle Isle who asked them to “donate flowers to help bring our tables to life at this (Norfolk, Virginia) event. Donate flowers they did. Arrangements were made for tables at the event and all around to set the theme. The event, held on September 17th 2011, was a great success! Forty military moms-to-be whose spouses are deployed on the USS GEORGE H W BUSH Carrier were showered, and forty showers in a box were sent to the women who do not live in Norfolk, VA.

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